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Garden Ornaments Direct

We are the leading specialist online suppler of garden ornaments in the UK. Our range includes, garden statues, sculptures, garden urns / pots and planters, bird baths, outdoor mirrors and arches and much more. Our ornamental garden products add interest, enhance landscapes and make superb focal points for any environment, especially; lawns, patios etc. We offer fantastic ranges that are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.
We offer ornamental lawn decor in; Stone / Concrete, Metal, Resin and Wood. You'll find unusual outdoor Animals: Dogs, Cats, Deers and Herons. Plus a large selection of Fairy / Angel ornaments and Buddha statues.

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How to use our Garden Ornaments To Enhance Your Landscape
There are many ways to use our garden ornaments and statues in your landscape design, from the delicate fairy and omnipresent garden gnome to our most elegant classical statue reproductions. No matter what type you choose, something in our large range of ornamental pieces will perk up your landscape and making even the most ordinary front or back lawns and gardens look like a showplace.

The Benefits Of Garden Ornaments
Garden ornaments have a number of important advantages over other elements of landscape design, including of course the fact that they do not need to be watered, never require weeding and seldom need to be replaced. Garden ornaments are easy to care for as well, though it is important to follow any recommendations when it comes to caring for your investment.

Choosing The Right Type Of Garden Decorations
It is important to choose only those ornaments that have been designed for outdoor use. Many companies that specialise in reproductions of famous statues or sculptures will make both small indoor varieties and larger ones designed to be used outdoors. We only supply ornaments and statues that will be able to stand up to the rigors of rain, snow, heat and cold without losing their beauty.

Classic Or Modern
Are you looking for a classical style for your garden or a more modern look When adding ornaments to the landscape, it is important to think about the overall look you are trying to achieve. Are you looking for a classical style for your garden or a more modern look? It is important to think about the overall garden design, and not merely focus on the garden ornaments themselves. The statues / ornaments you choose should be appear as an integral part of the landscape design, not merely an afterthought.

Human Figures Or Animal Garden Statues
Another consideration is whether you will use garden sculptures or statues designed to resemble humans, or ornaments designed to represent animals, or a combination of both. It is again important to look at your overall garden design before making this important decision. Some garden landscapes will look great with a combination of human and animal forms, while others will look best with one or the other. Thinking carefully about the overall impression you are trying to create will help you make the right decision.

Give Your Garden A Treat
Adding a statue or ornament to your garden can transform it into something magical There is no doubt that the right ornaments will enliven your landscape. Thinking carefully about the look you are aiming for, and shopping carefully for the right garden ornament, can help you transform your garden into a thing of beauty.