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Selection of ornamental garden water features and fountains.


Abstract Water Feature Sculpture
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Abstract Water Feature Sculpture. Height 80cm. NEW & FREE DELIVERY

Price: £189.95
Angel Holding A Shell Stone Fountain
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Angel Holding A Shell Stone Fountain. An angel holding a shell garden fountain / water feature, in stone with an aged Cotswold finish. FREE DELIVERY

Price: £159.95
Embrace Water Feature Sculpture
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Embrace Water Feature Sulpture. With a water re-circulation system for easy installation. Height 120cm. NEW & FREE DELIVERY

Price: £249.95
Large Garden Water Fountain
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Large Garden Water Fountain. Self contained - no water supply needed. NEW & FREE DELIVERY

Price: £2495.95
Mothers Love Water Feature Sculpture
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Mothers Love Water Feature Sculpture. Features an LED light that enhances the waters bubble effect. Height 120cm. NEW & FREE DELIVERY

Price: £274.95
Large 2 Tier Cherub Water Fountain
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Large 2 Tier Cherub Water Fountain. Superb classically styled garden fountain that features 2 tiers; the water flows from the top cherub element into the larger main bowl. This, ultimate... NEW & FREE DELIVERY

Price: £999.95
Desire Water Feature Sculpture
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Desire Water Feature Sculpture. Height 151cm. NEW & FREE DELIVERY

Price: £245.95
Two Cherub Stone Garden Fountain
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Two Cherub Stone Garden Fountain. This stone garden water fountain features two Angel Cherubs entwined together and has an aged Cotswold finish. FREE DELIVERY

Price: £139.95
Water Bearer Stone Garden Fountain
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Water Bearer Stone Garden Fountain. This classic looking fountain features a young woman carrying a water jug on her shoulder, which the water flows from. FREE DELIVERY

Price: £189.95
Unity Water Feature Sculpture
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Unity Water Feature Sculpture. Height 148cm. NEW & FREE DELIVERY

Price: £329.95
Meditating Buddha Stone Garden Fountain
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Meditating Buddha Stone Garden Fountain. This meditation Buddha fountain will add a touch of peace and tranquillity to any garden. FREE DELIVERY

Price: £294.95
Hands Cupped Stone Fountain
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Hands Cupped Stone Fountain. A highly unusual and eye catching garden water feature in the form of two hands cupped together. FREE DELIVERY

Price: £269.95
Female Water Feature Sculpture
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Female Water Feature Sculpture. Height 118cm. NEW & FREE DELIVERY

Price: £229.95
Stone Buddha Garden Fountain
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Price: £329.95
Urchin Stone Fountain
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Urchin Stone Fountain. This water feature portrays a young boy holding the stem of the fountain bowl. FREE DELIVERY

Price: £179.95